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QF-727A(MA) Hydraulic  auto-cementing heel lasting machine
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QF-727A(MA) Hydraulic  auto-cementing heel lasting machine
1.This machine is suitable for lasting the shoes with general and soft midsoles and with the heels less than 180mm.
2.This machine is equipped with micro switch of lasting height, which makes the machine easily adjusted and find position accurately,
3.We have full sizes of wiper and forming bands, they fit shoes in any shapes. The forming bands are wrapped by chine and can accordingly produce a good forming effect.
4.This machine adopts gears, gear racks and ratchets to adjusts the auxiliary supporter quickly and precisely.
5.The second pressing of the last supporter works with the wiper-heating device to increase the lasting effect. It smooths the lasting area and upgrade the quality of the shes.
6.Special design of rising oilway of shoe holder controls completely the shoe last at the set position during lasting.
7.Adopts the advanced functional design of shoe-making circle, insole and vamp don’t have to be cement before lasting, by doing so,not only savela bor force, but cement well affer passed heating mac hine and assure the prefect shape, which realize the time-saving and material-saving.
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