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Congratulation to QIFENG established the 22th anniversary
August 1st, 1993, it is not an ordinary day for Qifeng shoes machine, because Qifeng shoes machine set up that day. In the last twenty-two years, Qifeng is still produce shoes machine, and never stopped research and development. Service the customer and self-growth, and make one percent progress every day.
Twenty-two years of ups and downs, Qifeng shoes machine has made many contributions to the shoe-making industry, and solve many problems in the shoemaking process. As the same time, Qifeng create brand, showing off our style in the world, and recognition at home and abroad. Now our toe lasting machine, side and heel lasting machine and sole attaching machine are hot selling at home and abroad. Including: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, South Africa, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Dominica, the United States, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Ecuador, Venezuela, Paraguay, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Peru, Thailand, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Iran, Kenya, Korea.
It is the results of Qifeng shoes machine all employees hard-working and work together. Now qifeng shoes machine is still elucubration, and strive to create better shoe-making equipment for the shoe industry to make more contributions. Let us bless Qifeng shoes machine can be further and further along to glory in the future.
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