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Comfortable cotton shoes made by 73-year-old woman
Qifeng Shoes Machine - We introduce a 73-year-old woman Mrs. Zhang who makes the cotton shoes only by hand. This energetic old is embroidering her shoes at hand, she doesn’t wear glasses while does fast.
When the weather is nice, we always can see an old woman selling cotton shoes in the road opposite the bus station at Zhongtian community. Mrs. Zhang told journalist that she has been selling shoes for over two years, and only does the selling in good whether as she grows older and not feeling well. Nothing can do at home and she feels boring, she wants to do something. “Now more and more young person, like my daughter, she can’s nail a buckle, let along learn to make shoes.” Mrs. Zhang said.
Like many other old people in her hometown, she can make shoes, and all the shoes they wear were made by themselves, they all learn by themselves only watch the other olds doing which as easy as have a dinning. It’s so common in before. Mrs. Zhang said
Even now I’m old, while in good vision, it’s hard to make those shoes, specially the shoe sole, I need to paste it by start paste first instead of glue, because glue is too hard, then stitch it by needle and treadle to firm, pack with cotton, stitch again. Besides, pay attention to the tailoring when doing vamp.
While Mrs. Zhang’s daughter is not so pleased for it. Aunt Lu, her neighbor told journalist, Mrs. Zhang makes shoes very carefully, she can always keep cleaning the new cloth as the problem of flavor, and starts to make shoes after dry. Cotton shoes are good for children as cotton cloth can absorb sweat effectively and can’t grind feet.
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