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Houjie World Footwear Headquarters Base in China
We introduced the news World Footwear Headquarters Base starts up finance identification days ago, now we would like to introduce its generation situation.
The World Footwear Headquarters Base located in Houjie Town - Footwear Town, Dongguan city - World Factory, it is a High end service platform of footwear industry that combining footwear R & D, trade, purchasing, logistic and brand incubation With 0.35 billion US dollars invested, Total land area is about 160,000 square meters, it is composed of A , B , C, D , E, five plots, and the building area is 480,000 square meters which is large enough to hold 5000 trade companies and 30,000 practitioners.
The estimated annual transaction after completion of the construction reaches 10 billion US dollars.
The construction is divided into three phases; the building area of the first phases is about 110,000 square meters.
Now we come to refer to the ON-STREAM TIME
The construction of the first phase(Area A) had been started in Sep of 2011
The construction of the second phase(Area C and E) is planning to start in2013
The construction of the third phase(Area B and D) is planning to start in2014
The World Footwear Headquarters Base will bring more business opportunities for customers both and home and abroad, look forward to his good performance.
-- More information refers to World Footwear Headquarters Base, Qifeng Shoe-making machinery.
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