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Chinese famous shoes companies are trying E-commerce
As the popularization of internet and the continuing emerging of new technology, challenge and impact of traditional business model is increasingly obvious, and more and more enterprises join this new channel troop of creation and upgrading. Among which, improve sales ability by ecommerce platform is one of the measures from traditional enterprises, besides the shoemaking enterprises, and some of them obtained "genuine leather label"  who performs excellent to be the representative of leading ecommerce channel upgrading.
According to China Ecommerce Research Center, in the first half of this year, online retail sales reaches 754.2 billion Rmb yuan in China and increases 47.3% year on year. Ecommerce has been the increasing important sales channel in traditional business industries.
Before the recess business situation, AOKANG, the leading shoes with “genuine leather”and a famous shoes brand in China, its sales also dropped for some time, while it increases 275.86% year on year in the ecommerce. Huge pressure offline makes AOKANG improve the combination of business online and offline. In September of this year, AOKANG declared that they would promote the complete new “No shoes exclusive shop”. Customers choosing, trying and placing order on shoes are all completed online. Zhentao, Wang, managing direct in AOKANG said, “No shoes exclusive shop” not only is the experience of creation on sales model and channel, but also it’s the breakthrough point on decreasing inventory, controlling cost and traditional shoe industry transformation to volume-producing.
As introduced, AOKANG went into the online market in 2008 and created AOKANG official online shopping platform and also established the online business department. The company also connected the cyber between online shopping platform and stock system of provider which realized the cross-regional transferring. As shopping online platform has opened for one year, Ecommerce sales volume had exceeded the one in some excellent entity stores in a year, and cost is lower much than that of entity stores. It built its platform, besides, in 2010, as AOKANG entered Tmall, its sales reached 0.22 billion Rmb yuan in 2012. Currently, AOKANG has distributed its sales on Tmall, No. 1 Shop, Dangdang, Okbuy and some other ecommerce platforms.
-- Qifeng Shoes Machine.
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