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Houjie - World footwear headquarters base starts up finance identification
On the 5th, November, The world footwear headquarters base held the launching ceremony following the tender-invitation signing ceremony in Houjie, which named as the World Footwear Town, and also held the opening part led by Bingbing Fan, the famous Chinese star as the theme “The Power of Walking”. Products of the first phase of this project are stores with 40-200 square meters and office building with 60-200 square meters.
According to information, the World footwear headquarters base invested 550 million yuan with building up to 110,000 square meters, including stores and office buildings, and their property rights are all 40 years, which is expected to make the trail operation next year. According to the introduction from salesmen on-site, this project attracted smany clients from HongKong, Guangzhou, Wenzhou and other province beside local Dongguan.
The World footwear headquarters base is built by Huajian group with investment to 2 billion yuan and located in Houjie ecological science and Science Park; it’s the industrial transformation and upgrading pilot project in Guangdong, and Dongguan key construction project in 2011. the whole area of the base up to 160,000 square meters, and the total building area is 480,000 square meters which divided into 5 zone and built in three phase. As the projects finished it will hold 5000 commercial tenants, over 30,000 practitioners, and annual turnover as high as 60 billion yuan.
Besides, World footwear headquarters base will cooperate with Asian TV, and let “ATV 2013 Miss Asia pageant”, the China finals will locate in this base.
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