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Adjustment of Qifeng toe lasting machine
Qifeng has specialized in toe lasting, heel lasting, side & heel lasting, sole attaching machine since 1993. Toe lasting machine, as one of the leading product, we would like to introduce its adjustment function from several mechanism as follows.
Before we start up toe lasting, firstly check any electrical component is good and than start up. Make sure to adjust to proper voltage according to machine use and adjust all the control devices.
1. Pincers adjustment (position, angle, radian, pressure)
1) Adjust pincer plate to the middle and adjust pincer position by mid-size last.
2) Equilibrium distance of pincer is 5mm forward after the 3rd and 4th pincer ranking.
3) Central line of mid-pincer’s arc aligns to the one of inner support, there should be 7~10mm clearance between mid-pincer and support, or larger clearance may sweep to insole.
4) Adjust position of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th pincer on the left by left shoe last and the 2nd,3rd,4th pincer on the right by right shoe last; all pincers rank according to radian of last.
5) Each pincer can not touch while the less clearance, the better. Height of each one keeps at 2mm or so.
6) Pressure on pincer keeps clamping vamp while not slipping, larger pressure may cause vamp damage during rise.
2. Stroke switch adjustment (pincer opening time, support dropping time, pressing-head pressure time, forming band return time, pressing-head forming band acting time, reset time)
1) Choose wiper larger a little than last.
2) Each pincer drops down after wiper sweeps 1~2mm away.
3) Support drops down 2mm before wiper acts.
4) The 2nd pressing of pressing-head acts after wiper acts or before a little, advance opening of 2nd pressing facilitates lasting of thick vamp rather than thin vamp.
3. Support adjustment (support upper limit, lower limit, elevation, position, rise speed and angle of support frame)
1) Inner support can not rise too fast which may cause vamp to be broken. Inner support should be parallel with wiper according to the bottom of shoe last.
2) External support stops automatically when rising to touch last and it should rise a little slowly than inner support. Too large pressure on support may cause vamp damaged again.
3) Initial position of inner support can be adjusted after support rises, and release last at low is easy while may break vamp easily.
4) Support begins to drop down when approach to wiper for about 3mm. external support drops down too early may affect the stability of lasting and it’s easy to break insole. Inner support drops down too early may make wiper and vamp produce too much friction and cause vamp to be pulled to deformation or damage.
5) Elevation of inner support should be parallel with wiper, work height is 2mm (vamp and insole) higher than wiper, too low position may sweep insole, while too high may burst vamp.
4. Forming band adjustment (pressure, speed, position and height)
1) When head-pressing acts on last, forming band also helps to fix vamp on last, too much pressure from forming band may cause vamp deformation and insole extruding.
2) Forming band is usually about 10mm away from edge of wiper, and keeps the same on two sides in case eccentricity makes removing.
5. Pressing-head adjustment (1st pressing, 2nd pressing, position)
1) Pressing-head locates at upper of last sole; remove forward can improve the effect of toes lasting.
2) Pressing head should increase pressure when process vamp with hard material.
3) It’s usually 0~2.5kg of 1st pressing of pressing-head, which means no pressure or it’s just make pressing-head acts, too much pressure may make wiper drag vamp to sweep the insole.
4) The 2nd pressure of pressing-head is usually at 20-30kg to keep the best lasting effect, while it’s easy to sweep insole when process the thin vamp.
6. Heel part adjustment (height, angle, position, speed of advance)
1) It’s better to control the advance speed of heel part, too much pressure may impact to last and cause last goes forward.
2) Height of heel part should match up with center of last, and angle matches up with heel radian of last.
7. Adjustment of large saddle, knife saddle and wiper (position of large saddle, angle, speed, lower limit, acts time)
1) Knife saddle is parallel to or 3~5mm upper than mid-pincer when at lower limit. Raise the lower limit of large saddle for pointed-end last, and raise the stroke of wiper to prevent toes from being swept to damage.
2) Keep large saddle, wiper, mid-pincer, support, heel part in a straight line
3) Wiper acts after knife saddle goes forward to the end, and wiper should change according to shape of toes.
Attention! Make sure the machine must be disconnected from the main electricity line before replace wiper and pincer.
In order to handle and adjust machine more easily, it’s only to obey the principle of toe lasting machine to help to save time and cost which realize a high production.
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