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Shoemaking equipment for safety shoes
Qifeng Shoes Machine - Safety shoes is collectively known as protective footwear, also work shoes, generally the shoes that are worn in different conditions to protect feet and leg. Kinds of safety shoes usually are toes protective shoes, anti-static shoes, conductive shoes, insulation steel shoes, rubber boots, warm shoes etc.
Safety shoes also belongs to footwear products that contains high technology and high value-added. Requirements for raw material, auxiliary material, chemical material, shoemaking equipment during production process are very high. Currently, most of large scale shoemaking enterprises in China have focused on developing the market of safety shoes which was occupied by developed countries years ago.
Safety shoes apply to different shoemaking equipment according to the sole material, natural rubber or synthetic rubber according to the summery from our old or new customers these years.
Use of Toe lasting machine, no matter the natural rubber or synthetic rubber, the lasting job is necessity. Qifeng Shoe-making machinery is the professional manufacturer that produces the latest advanced toe lasting machine, and we can introduce the most adaptive equipment for our customers according to their different needs. For making safety shoes, firstly, QF-738DA(MA) toe lasting machine is what we introduced, even it’s not better than QF-838DA(MA) in its function, while this machine can show the wrap function completely, and leakage appears rarely after lasting, never come unglued to make sure perfect shape of shoes. 
After toe lasting machine, the follow is heel and side lasting machine, while this machine is an ideal equipment to make flat heels such as safety shoes; it’s not adaptive to high heels. Heel and side lasting helps manufacturer to save time and cost than the heel lasting machine, the machine do the heel lasting and can’t make meets for side lasting completely. Besides, it causes few leakage rate. 
After shoes lasting, we need introduce the sole attaching machine to laminate the outsole of safety shoes. QF-818B adopts sole-floating and side-floating design to make sure a perfect lamination effect from outsole and side edge.
Of course, different leather for vamp of safety shoes can choose the Upper Heater Machine or Cold and Hot Counter moulding machine to do the molding job. For other equipment, you can consult or order for us according to your own needs. Qifeng Shoes Machine provide more information on shoemaking equipment, shoe machine, safety shoes.—Qifeng Shoes Machine.
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