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Dongguan Shoe machinery collects sources to promote brand
Qifeng Shoes Machine-In the exhibition center of Dongguan Shoe-making Machinery Association (DSMA), there are the latest automatic production equipment developed by over 30 enterprise members to promote brands.
Located at the Liaoxia road of provincial highway S256, Dongguan Shoe-making Machinery Association (DSMA) shows it’s most advanced automatic equipment in China, among which are searched and developed by shoe machinery enterprises in Houjie Town.
Chairman of DSMA Wang jingwen said, to gather the elites of shoe machinery together, firstly we can help them save the costs. If they want to open a store by themselves, at least 20000 to 30000 RMB each month is a must, but if we gather them here, only 1000 per month is enough. For a customer, he steps into one store and can visit over 30 shoe machinery enterprises which takes convenience for them.
Currently, there are nearly 400 factories for producing and selling shoe machinery in Houjie with sales volume accounting for 50% in the whole province, and domestic sales for nearly 90%. Dongguan Shoe machinery will organize shoe machinery enterprises together to open an international market the next.
Wang jingwen said, we can copy this pattern to decrease the cost for markets like Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia; and the second, they can also do some exploration for overseas market collaboratively. As Dongguan Shoe machinery collects sources to promote brand and accelerate the transformation and upgrading. We believe the first brand will be Dongguan Shoe Machinery brand in Asia even in the world in the future.
 -Qifeng Shoes Machine located in Houjie town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China, more information about shoes, shoe machinery contact with us.
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