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Child shoes in autumn and winter of 2014
During the long holiday for National Day in China, all shoppers not only for the physical stores but also shops online are pushing their sales promotion for their products: clothes travel equipment including sports shoes also child shoes. Shoes industry in China is the focus in the world all the time. From child shoes, China has witnessed a great change during these years. Now market of child shoes not only focuses its simple products, but also it has been classified into new products with cartoon and fashion. Creation is the must road to the realize the leapfrog development, as follows, Qifeng Shoes Machine will analysis the developing tread for the autumn winter child shoes in 2014.
Key word: fashion
In the recent years, fashion is shown on the child equipment, special the child shoes. From the duration of angle, child shoes mainly use the British grid color, almost each child shoes emits its unit, tender and simple style. Meanwhile, some bold designers integrated the “adult” fact to show the grace, tradition and the maturity of gentlemen, and it also combines the modern beauty for the leisure and gentle style.
Key word: outdoors
As the popularity for the outdoor sports, outdoor brands for younger also get boomed. There are more and more series get rich, among which the category, function also increase greatly, especially for the specialty and portability. Designers make sole and vamp be jointed by zipper, which makes vamp be changed at any time and also make child experience different and unique wearing mood. Besides, designers also promotes the outdoor shoes with sand color, and for this kind of shoes, it’s very handiness, as there’s a particular lazy near the jointed of sole and vamp, it can be folded in half to make it very convenient and portable during travel.
Key word: color
In the autumn and winter in 2014, it’s also a boom season for the use of beautiful color, and it’s the tread for color to get success, to let children with color to dance, and play around in the colorful word to experience the charm among it. In the combination use of popular color, designers draw a colorful rainbow, their display the children’s simplicity and funny in riotous profusion. For example, in the design of skateboard shoes, brilliant blue, bright yellow, grass green and elephant grey joined sole to make people eyes lit up. Even the double color lace, overlapped two or three color crashed to add more colors for this world.
To know more about the child shoe market, pay close attention to the latest fashion trend of child shoes, its design trend to develop new type to be outstanding in the market even international market.--Qifeng Shoes Machine.
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