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Olympic gold medalist collecting shoes for local homeless
Qifeng Shoes Machine – let’s share a news from Reporter Sandra Osborne. Having comfortable shoes that fit is important, but it's often taken for granted.
To help families in Central Florida, local Olympic gold medalist DeeDee Trotter has organized a shoe drive and fundraiser, called Gifted Soles.
The goal is to collect as many pairs of new and gently used shoes as possible to give to homeless people staying at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission.
Trotter also set a goal to raise enough money for 500 meals for the homeless, a goal she met on the first day of the fundraiser, thanks to a local business.
Now, the Olympic sprinter said she wants to double her goal to provide even more meals.
Trotter, who won two gold medals in the 4-x-400-meter relay at the 2004 and 2012 Summer Olympics, said having good shoes can support a healthy lifestyle and a person's confidence.
"If your feet hurt, we all know that walking around with uncomfortable shoes or shoes that don't really fit, how that can really destroy your day, and also destroy how your body functions on a day to day basis," said Trotter. "I definitely think that we all know how important it is to have good shoes on your feet."
While the shoe drive has already been successful, Amanda Fewless, with the Orlando Union Rescue Mission, said they can use as many pairs of shoes as possible.
"When you think about the homeless population, transportation for them, a lot of times, is their feet," said Fewless. "Having a good, supportive pair of shoes that is fitting to them is critical."
Trotter said all shoes are accepted, but they're hoping for new or gently used shoes: Specifically dress shoes, tennis shoes and children's shoes.
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