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New Adidas running shoe offered in Syracuse
QIFENG SHOES MACHINE -- We share a news from yahoo News by Brad Vivacqua. We know well about the sports equipment brand, Adidas. Now a new Adidas running shoe is available in about 200 stores across the country, including one here in Central New York. Fleet Feet Sports in Syracuse is one of the first to offer the new Boost running shoe, which provides better cushioning. As Brad Vivacqua tells us, the shoe's arrival comes at a great time for local runners.
Slightly warmer temperatures and upcoming road races, like this weekend's Tipp Hill Shamrock Run, are getting runners in the mood.
"We run all year round, but this time of year, it's a little bit easier, a little bit nicer, so we start to see an increase as people start to get out there to run," said Fred Joslyn, Fleet Feet Sports Training Program Manager.
Wednesday, Fleet Feet Sports in Syracuse unveiled the new Adidas Boost running sneakers. The shoes provide state of the art cushioning for comfort and durability.
"Every single one of these pellets has energy in it," said Liz Knickerbocker.
Avid runner Liz Knickerbocker says the new sneakers cost about $150 and were only available at 200 stores across the country for their launch.
"We have been selected by Adidas to be one of the few stores to have this shoe on opening day," Knickerbocker said.
At the front end of the store, runners can come check out this display to get a better idea of how advanced the cushioning is in this new sneaker. A new foam cushioning material allows the sneakers to provide responsive energy while the shoe maintains its cushioning after countless miles.
Knickerbocker said, "We're very excited to have the Boost and we really think it is going to revolutionize the way shoes are made and how people appreciate a shoe."
So maybe it's some new kicks, the weather or a road race to get you outside to run. According to experts, one thing is certain: You'll be glad you did.
---from Qifeng Shoes Machine.
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