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Some ways to save on shoes
In this christmas month, Qifeng shoe machine share some ways to save on shoes for you. No matter whether you are married or not, it’s useful for you.
1. Have a swapping party for kids shoes
I don’t have kids myself, but my friends who do are constantly telling me how quickly their child outgrows clothes and shoes. Recently, a friend told me that her daughter had gone up a shoe size before she could even wear her new pair of baby Nikes.
If you’re running into the same problem, why not host a shoe swap day with your friends and family members? Have everyone bring over the shoes their kids can no longer wear and trade. You’ll get the sizes you need without having to buy them.
2. Rent or borrow for special occasions
Since I work from home, my wardrobe is pretty much jeans, T-shirts, and sweaters. I own one cocktail dress and an old bridesmaid dress. Last month, I decided to attend a gala benefiting a local New Orleans charity at the last minute and had nothing to wear. Rather than spend money on a pair of heels I’d only wear once, I just borrowed a pair from a friend for the night.
Borrowing from friends and family is usually free, but if they don’t have your size or the style you want, you can rent shoes from some special occasion rental stores. For example, prom dress rental places in my area also rent shoes and other accessories.
3. Take good care of your shoes
Take good care of your shoes, and they’ll last much longer. Here are a few must-do’s to keeping your shoes in good condition:
Wipe shoes down with a dry cloth or shoe brush after you wear them to get dirt off before it can scratch the shoe.
Store shoes in a shoe rack or on a shoe tree to help keep their shape.
Invest in a leather conditioner and condition your leather shoes.
Store out-of-season shoes in plastic containers. I’ve dug a few pairs of boots out of the back of my closet a year later only to find them stained, mildewed, or misshapen. Now I keep boots in individual plastic containers.
---from Qifeng Shoes Machine.
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