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In north Iowa, they’re feeling the holiday spirit early this year as they gather shoes for those in need.
It’s part of a program that the Northwood Community Center is now involved in.
They’re accepting gently used clothes from around north Iowa to later be donated to countries in Africa and Central America.
Organizers say after donating at least 25 bags of shoes, the center will receive a check in return to help fund other projects in Northwood.
“To make it worthwhile for the organization to come and pick up the shoes and to pay for distributing them to Central America and Africa or anywhere that they are in need, we need to get 25 bags of 25 pairs of shoes,” said Noelle Kramer, manager of the Northwood Community Center.
If you have shoes ready to be donated, you can contact the Northwood Community Center for pick up at (641)-381-0086.
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