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A Shoemaking Line Defeat Ten of Thousand Shoe Factory
A shoemaking line use intelligent shoe machinery, actually be able to defeat the tens of thousands shoe factory. The boss of shoe factory will not worry about the rise of labor cost. It’s reported that a shoe-making line just need a thousand employees. The following is the detail of staffing in shoe-making line.
Cutting: this line need eight groups of cutting, about 30 people (one operating a cutting machine, two or three doing handwork and a manager). Using shoe machinery: hydraulic plane cutting machine, cutting machine, swing beam cutting machine. (For reference)
Swing: this line need six groups of swing, about 256 people (thirty-six people swing, four people doing handwork, one inspecting the quality, one picking for two groups, a group leader and a manager) Using shoe machinery: swing machine, auto-cement edge folding machine and lasting machine.
Moulding: this line need one hundred people (eleven managers, eighty to ninety workers, a moulding manager, a forepart monitor, a midpiece monitor, a endpiece monitor, three picking and four inspecting quality) Using shoe machinery: toe lasting machine, upper moulding machine, heel breasting, top line forming machine, side and heel lasting machine, roughing machine, sole attaching and other shoemaking machinery.
Above the staffing of shoemaking line, customized for the large orders. It is flexible based on shoe style.
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