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Tuhao bought 1001 pairs of shoes to make a proposal
Before we tell the below story, we introduce a word “Tuhao” which is a newly emerging word now often used by the online community to refer to people who have the cash but lack the class to go with it, and this buzzword, tuhao, may be in next year's Oxford English Dictionary. In Chinese, tu means uncouth and hao means rich. It has traditionally been referred to rich people who throw their weight around in China's rural areas. In recent years, people in the ACG (anime, comic and game) circle borrowed the term to describe those who spend money in an irrational manner. The word gained credence in September with the launch of Apple’s new gold-colored iPhone, an item loved by China's nouveau riche. The color became known as “tuhao gold.
"Hi, my name is Xu Pengkai, 28 years old, I have a girlfriend and we have been together for 4 years, I want to make a proposal for her on 23rd this month.” Several days ago, a post named “The 1001st pair of crystal shoes” is very popular online. Xu Pengkai, the poster said he would make a proposal for his girl friend at East square, Chunxi road, Chendu city and give the crystal shoes customized by himself to his girlfriend to make her “princess dream” come true. He also promised that if net friends can forward microblog for him and encourage him to go there, he will give 1000 pairs of woman shoes for them as presents.
It’s said that the Tuhao Xu Pengkai makes a proposal by microblog, he spent RMB200,000 yuan to make it success. At the proposed site, there hung so many poster and advertisement of a shoes mall in Chendu city, there are all staff in the shoes mall who are busy with this. We can know that it’s a mall for publicity, at the same time, Xu just make a proposal by the way. Who can say that rich Tuhao are all fool?
--From Qifeng Shoes Machine.
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