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A Good Pair of Climbing shoes
Mountaineering is one of outdoor sports. For mountaineering enthusiasts, a pair of good suitable climbing shoes is the most important which can help their climbing more easy and comfortable. Now we would like to introduce the below skills for choosing a pair of suitable climbing shoes for reference.
- Size, It’s the most important you should think about. Of course, the standard of size is different in different countries; it’s not the same between the size in China and abroad, so the best idea is to try on shoes.
- We may meet some very moist environment or snowfield during our climbing trip, it’s probably to make our feet suffer from moist, and which requires good climbing shoes that should with enough space to help wearers put on or take off them easily even in very moist environment.
- Climbing shoes requires much for the water-proof. There’s no doubt that the shoe tongue is the weakest in water-proof. So be careful to check the design of tongue and make sure it can proof water absolutely.
- It’s inevitable to step on some barriers ahead, which require enough strong fabric on the toes and heels. Besides, toe cap should be strong enough to protect toes. At the same time, shoe heel is also required to be hard enough to increase the stability when walking and stand well on snowfield.
- It’s difficult to recognize the quality on shoe products, you only from cementing position of upper, stitching of tongue is neat or not and some other details. Side and stitching of shoes should be close and firm, first is to ensure a good water-proof, and the second is to fax soles more firmly.
- walk more when shoes on feet to feel it’s comfort ability. It’s not good if it’s too tight in case to bound feet to put off the foot blood circulation which cause to coldness of feet. Proper distance between front and rear in the shoes can’t be too small or too big. Too small space may make toes prop the front to make toes get hurt, too much space may help shoes released easily. Feet in the afternoon and evening will be larger than that in the morning which we also should consider when try on shoes.
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