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How to use toe lasting machine
Now more and more factories has preferred to toe lasting machine instead of lasting shoes by hand, as toe lasting machine makes a higher production and completes large orders in a short time, which can be up to 1000 pairs by 10 people, while only over 400 pairs if by hand. Of course, if we use toe lasting machine with memory function, it makes a higher effect. As most of factories are not very familiar with toe lasting machine, function of machine is also hard to bring into play completely.
There are some points to be noted when lasting shoes from hand to machine:
a) Matched equipment: toe moulding machine, heel breasting, upper steaming machine, heel steamer;
b) Board room requirements: lasting angles from hand is larger than that from machine, firstly, it wastes of raw material; secondly, toes lasted is not evenly which makes angles appear or break uppers. Machine board is required to moderate material, especially for shoes with high whip surface and make sure accurate position.
c) Matched shoe material: whether the insole exceeds shoe last, if so, trim it even or less than toes a little. For some toes with a large wrapped degree, toes part of the insole before lasting should be pasted slightly by white glue or double-side adhesive tape. In a word, insole should be matched to toe part roughly.
d) Professional operators: operators should have long experience in operating toe lasting machine, and handle machine in a right way to clamp upper and heel right.
e) New-type shoes should do a trial production, put free size if no problem than give into large scale production. Toe laster should act in accordance with board master to make board trimming go on well.
f) Mechanical production is a production model to match with several departments, which required to severization. It’s a key to match with production department. We suggest piece model in group for workers to promote the process.
Qifeng Shoes Machine specializes in toe lasting machine for 20 years, feel free to contact with us for shoemaking machine, heel & side lasting machine.
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