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Shoe machinery categories in QIFENG
Qifeng Shoes Machine is specialized in toe lasting machine, heel lasting machine, heel and side lasting machine, sole attaching machine since 1993, with its history for 20 years, high technology contained and high quality, it’s also well known for customers abroad, and shoe machinery in our company are very favored by enterprises both at home and abroad. Now in this high developed society, the simplex production can not meet the demands from shoe companies, if need to develop continually in this road to develop more equipment with high technology, we must do the high technology, high quality, and the variety.
Shoemaking equipment can be classified into different kinds according to the production. For example according to the production, it’s different for producing man shoes, woman shoes, child shoes and the high or flat heels. As a result, factories can choose proper products when purchase machines in case the unnecessary waste. In the following, Qifeng Shoes Machine will introduce the categories for our products.
Lasting (laster) equipment: toe lasting machine, heel and side lasting machine, heel lasting machine
Sole attaching / pressing: (Air pressure, oil pressure, walled air pressure, universal oil pressure) sole attaching / pressing machine.
Moulding machinery: heater setter, chilling machine, heel breast, upper moulding machine, upper and welt shaping machine, boot flattening machine
Cutting machine: swing arm cutting machine, plane cutting machine, splitting machine
Post processing equipment: polishing machine, upper heater machine, back steamer, upper steamer.
Qifeng company now are searching and developing new smart machinery for the developing market, and also add more new function based on the original technology trying to do high production, safety, environment friendly for shoemaking industry.---QIFENG Shoes Machine.
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