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Flat heel shoes get hurt easily without shock absorption
QIFENG SHOES MACHINE-Currently, there are more and more office ladies prefer to flat heels of which the soles as thin as ones of ballet shoes instead of high heels. While they will feel painful in their feet as wear the shoes longer. We call these flat heels as doll shoes.
Doll shoes lacks of the function of shock absorption as it should have. If women wear doll shoes longer, usually their feet or the bottom of feet gets painful, and it also will develop to plantar fasciitis. When purchase doll shoes (flat heels), it’s better to choose the ones with thick or low heels, vamps are better to cover the toe part. Thin-sole doll shoes are a good choice to wear in the room, and quit them once you go outside.
Lin Shunzheng, the fore Taiwan director of physical therapy techniques in department of rehabilitation indicated that the main problem of the doll shoes is the thin sole without “mid-sole”, as a result, it lacks of the shock absorption that all the shoes should have. When wear a pair of doll shoes, it feels like barefoot on the floor, and then feels painful in a while. Somebody touch earth with feet bottom first of whom with problem of walking gesture, and they may get plantar fasciitis if wear them longer. Lin Shunzheng said, most of cheap shoes with hard material is easy to get heels hurt then to make them walk hard. Look at some women’s heel carefully, they may paste a piece of sole to their heel, while blister still generated or proliferate abnormally. This is because these doll shoes are with very low opening, and there’s no band to help to fix the instep, as a result, shoe heels rub to feet from up to down.
Besides heels, everybody with different feet shape, somebody with convex instep and if put on doll shoes with narrow small last or high heels, it’easy to rub to callus on the joint of toes. Some want to relieve feet pain by arch support or shoe pad, while Lin said it’s not in good effect, as it’s not enough high to cover the shoe heel, so adding a thick pad, it’s easy to go out. Reasons of some feet pain are the instruction problems of feet, specially the fore foot rotation, it leads to arches of feet sink when loading. If add the arch support to make arch be supported, otherwise it may pull the fascia on the foot bottom easily and make feet be more painful.
Specialists said, sole of doll shoes can not be too thin, and it’s better to choose shoes with thick insole or low heels and with vamps that covers the fore toe part. Insoles can not be added freely, if your feet gets painful, change ones, if still painful, ask for a doctor to know your cause of feet pain, then refer to advise from doctor to choose proper insole.
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