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How to Polish Your Shoes
Certain styles of shoes, especially dress shoes, need to be polished from time to time. Are you trying to make a great impression at a business luncheon, job interview, performance or holiday celebration? Nicely shined shoes can complete the rest of your outfit and add a special touch. Polishing the scuffs out of your dress shoes can help improve the appearance of your entire outfit. Knowing just a few tips for polishing your shoes can help you to achieve the shine you want for your shoes.
Polishing Shoes:
1. Protect your floor: Lay newspaper or old towels over the floor. This will protect the floor from dirt and any spilled shoe polish. You should shine your shoes over a hard, easy-to-clean surface. Never shine them over a carpeted area. Removing shoe polish from carpeting can be difficult.
2. Clean your shoes: Brush leather shoes firmly to remove any dirt or dust. For more stubborn dirt, use a corner of one rag dipped in water to remove it. If your footwear has salt or water stains from winter wear, you may require additional cleaning components. Applying polish over these stains will not work.
3. Polish your shoes: Apply polish to the shoes. Using a rag, rub the polish in small circles over the shoe's exterior. After you have applied polish to both shoes, firmly brush each to work in the polish.
4. Rub in the polish: Use your fingers to dribble a small amount of water onto the shoes. Then use the other clean cloth to rub the water into the polish. Be careful not to use too much water because the polish may become too thin.
5. Buff your shoes: Firmly brush the shoes again. If you desire brightly shined shoes, repeat the entire process.
6. Wash your hands: It is all right to get polish on your hands, so don't worry about spilling it when you are polishing your shoes. Just make sure that you do not spill the polish on any carpet or furniture and that you wash your hands immediately after you finish to avoid getting polish on anything else.
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