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QF-238S/L Chilling Machine

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QF-238S/L Chilling Machine

                                                                                                                                                      QF-238S: 3300MM (Length)

                                                                                                                                                      QF-238L: 4100MM (Length)


1. This shoe moulding machine adopts advanced technology, imported compressor and components.

2. The conveying belt made of special material provided with refrigerating regulating device can be accelerate stabilization and 

    aggregation of aqueous glue to ensure perfect jointing and keep optimal shape after dilating and is free of mold growth.

3. Double side concentrated heat insulation material used in the shell had good preservation performance and can reduce energy      


4. The large power refrigerating system with track cooling air and double auto-doors equipped. The automatic unfreezing device have 

    the features of short refrigerating time and good molding result, which will expedite the turnover of last and decrease production     


5. The powerful refrigerating system have high an air circulation system rotation speed air circulation system will reach up to -20 

    degree instantly. 

   Model      Dimensions(LWH)      Daily output    Power
 QF-238S     3300*900*1580mm    1500pairs/8hrs       4.1KW
 QF-238L      4100*900*1580mm    2000paris/8hrs       7.5KW

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