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QF-119 Cutting Machine

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QF-119 Cutting Machine


1. This shoe cutting machine applies to the shaping and the cutting of one layer or several layers of the materials such as leather, 

    rubber, canvas, nylon, car board, and so on.

2. This shoe making machine adopts the mechanism of double-cylinder and four columns balanceable connected staffs that ensure 

    cut places identical.

Model Working pressure Working joumey Power Cutting area Weight Dimensions
QF-119A 30Tons 50-160mm


500*1600mm 1650kg 2350*1100*1500mm
QF-119B 35Tons 50-160mm
3HP4P 600*1600mm
QF-119C 45Tons 50-160mm 3HP4P 700*1600mm 2400kg 2350*1300*1500mm
QF-119D 55Tons 50-160mm 5.5kw 800*1600mm 3500kg 2450*1720*1600mm
QF-119F 65Tons 50-160mm 7.5kw 900*1600mm 4000kg 2450*1820*1600mm

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