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QF-138S/L Heat Setter

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QF-138S/L Heat Setter

                                                                                                                QF-138S: 2500MM (Length)  

                                                                                                                                           QF-138L: 3500MM (Length)   


1.This shoe moulding machine use high-temperature steam and hot air to soften mould the upper outside quickly. 

   It can save power energy and last.

2.Special stainless steel heating chamber with convetion of hot air and steam can relieve the stress inside the upper and make it

  stick to the last better.

3.The adjustable temperature controller can set the optimal temperature in light of shoe materials.

4.The shoe making machine speed can be controlled by regulation of timer.

  Model  Dimensions(LWH)    Production  Power
 QF-138S  2500*950*1540mm  1400pairs/8hrs    13KW
 QF-138L  3500*950*1540mm  2000pairs/8hrs   17.2KW


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