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QF-268 Automatic Toe Part Flattening Machine

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QF-268 Automatic Toe Part Flattening Machine


1.This shoe making machine is applicable to the moulding massage of toe part for various men and women's shoes after upper                     binding.

2.Under the pressing of top heating plate and striking of vibration roller plus the running of shoes, it can ensure a neat forepart and                 distinct ridge line.

3.The rotation speed of shoe tree and advancing speed of vibration roller can adjust according ro the requirement of levelling.

4.The striking of vibration roller can be also adjusted according to the requirement to make it only press without striking.

   Model  Dimensions(LWH) Air pressure  Power   Weight     Production
QF-268 700*930*1600mm 0.6MPa 0.75KW 400kg 2000pairs/8hrs

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