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QF-729TA(MA) Intelligent Computerized and Auto-cementing Side and Heel Lasting Machine

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QF-729TA(MA) Intelligent Computerized and Auto-cementing Side and Heel Lasting Machine

(Flat shoes + High heel  shoes)

1.Pincer seat is adjusted by electric.

2.Elevation angle of side lasting is adjusted by electric.

3.With Save shoe styles memory function.

Computer cementing track scanning system



The side and heel lasting machine infrared vision scanning quickly set the gum trajectory, can be completed within 1 second;


This shoe making machine can be infinitely reduced or enlarged shoe last plastic track, adjust quickly;


This shoe machine modify the shoes on the glue trajectory of the offset angle convenient and intuitive;


The computer can store countless shoes on the plastic track on the plastic, save convenient and quick;


Enter the shoe type number to quickly find the shoes on the plastic track;


Place the IC chip in the shoe last, and take the shoe type glue track to finish in 1 second;


Left and right foot rubber track can be semi-automatic or fully automatic switch;


Glue trajectory accurate, smooth, sleek, beautiful;


The glue on the speed of agility, the glue evenly stable;


Gluing the trajectory of electric control, not subject to temperature changes and the use of the length of time;


The length of the infra-red infrared positioning, accurate and convenient adjustment;


Suitable for orders and small batches of changes in the large differences in shoe-line operations.

Model Dimensions Package Size N.W(KGS) G.W(KGS) Power Capacity
QF-729DA(MA) 1700*1000*1950mm 1800*1160*2100mm 1050 1100 3HP 1500-1800Pairs/8hrs

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