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QF-838DA(MA) Intelligent Computerized and Auto-cementing Toe lasting machine

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QF-838DA(MA) Intelligent Computerized and Auto-cementing Toe lasting machine


1.The pincer plate of toe lasting machine adopts up/down/left/right moving structure,satisfied more shoe style operation.

2.The touch screen system is equipped with automatic fault Detection function,and protect by password.

3.The upward height and downward height of the last support can be adjusted from outside the shoe making machine,it's very speedy and precise.

4.The high-low pressure and fast-slow speed function of last support,with the pincer decompress function.

5.The decompress and ABS function of pincers,it's special for shorter,crackly upper,Upper can slip off from the pincer automatic,to make the operation more safe and save more leather.

6.The standard equipment-shoe machine:

Auto-cementing function

Auxiliary wiper mechanism

Auxiliary side pusher mechanism

The automatic turning inward of the fifth pincer


 The pincer decompress and ABS function.                The pressure of toe pusher adopts 

                                                                                      up and down floating function.


    Pincer plate can be up/down/left/right speedy moving according to shoe style

Model Dimesions Packing size N.W(KGS) G.W(KGS) Production Power
QF-838DA(MA) 1800*1300*2100mm 1900*1500*2200mm 1150 1200 1500-1800Pairs/8hr 3HP

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