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Liquid shoemaking

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    Reebok's parent company, Adidas, just launched its custom shoe production plant SPEED FACTORY in Germany last year. Reebok will also open its own liquid factory in the near future.

    Liquid Factory uses a special “high-rebound” liquid from BASF to draw a shoe frame in three dimensions. The outsole made of this material has better energy regression performance than rubber material.

    With a winged frame and a special adjustment system, the Liquid Speed can fit the feet better and provide a more comfortable experience.

    Reebok officials once said: “Since Liquid Factory does not require molds, the factory can design and customize shoes in real time, it only need to write the appropriate program, which will greatly speed up the production.

    We've seen a lot of 3D-printed shoes, but Reebok has taken things a step further, this time they using liquid materials with robots.

    Known as the new generation technology, these running shoes use advanced 3D technology to create a strong sense of visual impact. This is a sign of abandoning the traditional shoemaking workmanship of the past 30 years.

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