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Leather shoes maintenance

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Leather shoes are currently the most popular footwear, it has good moisture absorption and breathability. At present, the leather used most in leather shoes is cowhide, and there are some other animal skins. The materials of top shoes are mainly crocodile skin. Qifeng shoes machine can provide customers with corresponding shoe-making equipment according to the shoes of different fabrics, so that the shoes can get better shaping effect.

Tips for wearing shoes

1. No matter what kind of leather shoes, don’t wear them for many days, but you should wear more shoes to wear.

2. Secondly, don't wear leather shoes for running or intense sports, because the leather will be more squeezed after the exercise intensity is increased.

3. Try not to wear leather shoes in a humid environment, because the water will gradually penetrate into the cortex and it will be difficult to dry. It will be easy to mold for a long time.

Daily wear tips

1. Diligent ventilation

If the shoes are worn for many days, not only will the leather overload not be rested, but the moisture in the shoes will not be ruled out and the bacteria will grow. Therefore, the simplest maintenance method in life is to change the shoes frequently, and put the replaced shoes in the cool and ventilated place to blow off the moisture in the shoes.

2. Wipe frequently

The most important thing for the maintenance of leather shoes is to wipe the dirt on the upper. Frequently, some small stitches can be used to remove dust.

3. Treatment after being caught in the rain

The leather shoes after getting wet cannot be wiped at will, because the dust particle that carries in rainwater may cause injury to leather face. It is appropriate to wipe off water stains gently with a dry rag, and smear shoe milk after ventilation and drying in time to protect the cortex.

4.Stuffing filler

Leather shoes should be stuffed with appropriate fillers, such as newspapers, shoe supports, etc. before storage, and then placed separately, do not stack other things on top. The advantage of this is that it can prevent wrinkles and deformation of the leather goods during storage, and can also effectively maintain the prototype.

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