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What are the commonly used shoemaking machines?

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Generally speaking, shoemaking machinery can be divided into three categories: shoe lasting  machine, shoe moulding machine and shoe upper stitching machine.


Shoe lasting machine, which include toe lasting machine, side and heel lasting machine, heel lasting machine, pressing machine and so on.


Shoe moulding machine, which include shoe-type moulding machine, shoe surface moulding machine, etc.


Shoe upper stitching machinewhich include cutting machine, trimming machine, moulding machine, sewing machine, upper steaming machine, stamping machine glue applying machine, etc.


These three categories are divided into shoe machine categories from a macro perspective. In terms of specific production and processing, there are some insignificant shoe machine equipment but play a positive role in the processing of shoe materials:


Eyeleting machine: specially responsible for the punching and drilling work of shoes, with the advantages of safety and fast.


Polishing machine: designed for some smooth uppers, the equipment is simple, compact and widely used.


In addition, the shoemaking machine also includes some shoe material equipment, such as water-based PU glue, eva sole, PU sole and the like. Only by combining these shoe and shoe materials can we efficiently and quickly process high-efficiency, high-quality shoes.


Qifeng shoes machine has intelligent cementing side and heel lasting machine, computerized and auto-cementing toe lasting machine, hydraulic heavy-duty sole attaching machine and other shoe-making equipments. We can design and produce the whole shoe-making production line according to customers’ demand. Moreover, our factory is praised by domestic and foreign customers in aspects of product development, quality and service.


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