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Shoemaking equipment in the year 2014

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 Shoemaking equipment in Qifeng in the new year 2014, look at our performance..

Since the reform and opening up, China utilized the advantage of cheap and rich labor source to try to explore the export-oriented low-end manufacture. Now several years passed, China has become the acknowledged World Factory. While with the continual development of economy and changing of social environment, the increasing cost of labor force and price of law material caused the fierce competition for Chinese manufacturing.

In the recent years, with the rapid growth of shoemaking market in China, there emerging a number of shoemaking equipments containing high technology, while under the increasing fierce environment, shoemaking enterprises that based on labor intensive are losing the advantage. On the one hand, the reduce of advantage on raw material and labor force, on the other hand, the shrink profit on the low quality reach products which gave a great impact on the shoemaking enterprises in China.

As a result, Chinese shoemaking enterprises start to consider the upgrading on design, manufacture, sales and all other links. Automation transform become their first choice to cause the enterprises prosper.

As one of the professional manufacturer of shoemaking equipment located at the World Factory in China, Qifeng Shoes Machine input the high technology to produce the quality shoe machine for shoe factory to make quality shoes. Toe lasting, side and heel lasting machine, sole attaching machine are the important equipment for making shoes. As 2014 has come, Qifeng will produce more excellent equipment for shoemaking industry.

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