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Chinese shoemaking industry opportunities still outweigh the challenges

View:0 Date:2015-9-25
According to the latest statistics, due to the birth of the intelligent shoe machines, the production of shoes didn’t affected by the rise of labor in China last year. In 2014, the total output of China's shoemaking industry is about 690 billion yuan, up 12% year-on-year. And the number of 14.2 billion pairs of shoes, which accounted for 59% of leather shoes. With 33.83% of the production, Fujian Province ranked the first place in the country.

China's shoemaking industry is facing multifaceted impact, the advantage weakened, industry move to overseas, the environmental pressures, the sales channel diversification and foreign economic mutation. This year the operating index in China's shoemaking industry has been below 90, in colder index range. But in the past year, an increase of 12% relative to the shoemaking industry around the world, it still a strong datum. The rise of intelligent shoe machines, so that Chinese shoemaking industry opportunities still outweigh the challenges, although the sharp rise in labor costs, the machine has reached the age of substitution.

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