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Three meanings for Export shoes in China

View:0 Date:2014-1-4
Qifeng Shoes Machine - Export shoes which means those shoes are sold to abroad in brief.
The first meaning of export shoes is: China is the world footwear factory, abundant and cheap labor force is the main factor to attract abroad brand. Those brands like Nike, Adidas have their producing base in China to find some authorized OEM powerful manufacturers. And shoes manufactured in these factory are all with high quality, while usually factories can produce some more than the amount specified in order, and they are cheap and fine. For example, there circulate plenty of export shoes of Nike and Adidas.
The second meaning of export shoes is: there’s no authorized OEM like Nike and Adidas, which they produce the shoes followed the standard of Nike and Adidas from such as material, design, procedure, quality control, in the trade these shoes are called as A products. A products with highest cost performance in all the imitation shoes, expect it’s not to be done as carefully as certified goods, others like quality, appearance and hand feeling is very nearly the same as certified ones. So when we see some foreign famous brand shoes priced 300, 500 in exclusive shop are almost the same as we see those priced 200, 300 in other domestic shoe factory. One portion of those products are circulated in domestic, the other portion are mainly exported to foreign market like Asia, Africa, South America etc.
The third meaning of export shoes is: some foreign businessmen those who didn’t authorized by some brand like Nike, Adidas come to China, and find some shoe factory to make those brand shoes, then exported to abroad market. While foreign businessmen required much on the quality control, those export shoes even are not good as certified goods while it’s ok. The biggest difference between them is certified goods are authorized, and those shoes not authorized. 
--From Qifeng Shoes Machine.

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