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Shoe store booming business selling variety of shoe accessories

View:0 Date:2013-12-11
Usually it’s hard for us to find some shoe accessories to make our feet more comfortable, those accessories like heel liner, half-yard mat, heighten pad, free stickers etc. While a shoe store in Wuchang, China who also sells these small shoes accessories by the way, which not only solved the customers’ crying needs, but also made the business better.
There are complete of over ten kinds of shoe accessories in the store, like GEL high-heel heighten pad, high-heel heel pad, heel liner, forefoot pad and other types. Such as “Woman 6-piece free stickers pad”, its positive face is the lint, the reverse face is silica gel with paste properties. It can be pasted in your shoes where your feet are grinded, and it’s also nice and makes your feet feel comfortable.
According to the introduction from Mr. Hu, the boss of this store, “most of the shoe accessories in the store are made in the high quality reusable silica gel with price from 10 to 50 yuan. Some customers may buy one or two of them when they buying shoes, and some come to buy these accessories only. Business in my store was more and more better since I introduced these shoes accessories”, said Mr. Hu.
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