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How to choose proper shoes for baby

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Bones of baby’s foot is soft and smooth, it’s particular careful when choose shoes for babies. A pair of suitable shoes for babies wearing may make them feel comfortable, or may affect the growth of feet. It’s winter now, see parents how to choose suitable shoes for babies.

Some parents think that baby’s feet grow fast and choose a larger size one for baby, while if baby wear them, they may not take shoes away to step over, wearing larger shoes long may affect the gesture when baby walking. Of course, too small shoes may cause to baby’s feet malformation, it’s a bad choice.

When baby can not walk, it’s better to choose shoes of soft sole which it’s convenient for feet action, and when he stands or learns to walk, his toes can choose proper position freely to adjust right walking gesture. Babies who are learning to walk should wear shoes of hard sole; so that he can not get hurt when step on hard objects. And also pay attention to that too hard sole may make feet deformation.

Some parents prefer to choosing travel shoes for baby because these shoes with flexibility and comfortable, and babies also like to wear travel shoes when they go out or do some excises. While it’s to be noted that breathability of travel shoes is very bad, much excises may sweat much, and if sweat can’t vitalize may leads to scytitis, so it’s better to make baby wear travel shoes with other shoes in turn.

The best choice is cloth shoes with rubber sole, because it’s flexible, comfortable and not easy to skid. After wear shoes, check whether they are too tight or not, besides check the buckle or band is firm. Let baby stand and walk for a while to check if baby’s toes are comfortable or not.
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