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Three points to wear shoes

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QIFENG SHOES MACHINE - There’s no doubt that nice shoes are the necessity for every woman who adores beauty. Nice shoes is nice as it is, should shoes make your feet hurt, it’s thought to be nothing of it.
1. Proper heel height
Heels of 2-3cm makes your foot arch agreeable, hips go forward to tighten, stomach pull to tighten, and chest puffed out which makes you look perky and energetic.
Flat heels makes your center of gravity to go backward, as heel strikes the floor when walking, shock can spread to the brain. Too high heels make toes, metatarsal bones bear increasing strength and suffered the push forth which makes ankle, knee with increasing force, and then waist and stomach can not keep in balance forward, as a result, it causes waist, haunch muscle and ligament strain. After a long time, toes deformed, usually to get hallux valgus and bunion.
In the daily life, people in short height usually wear high heel to make themselves looks tall. Actually, height of high heels is in direction proportion to stature, there’s more harm for short people.
2. Proper tightness
Shoes are too tight may pull toes to be broken to get hallus valgus; com and callus appeared on the sole. Shoes are too loosen will make feet gad about in shoes, as shoes can not follow feet, the bottom of plantar is easy to get hurt then feel painful.
As different thickness of stock in different four seasons, shoes wore long may get loose and larger, even in the day and night, shoelace is a good ideal to adjust the tightness. Olds who are difficult to bend down can wear shoes those pull to open. One thing to be noted for parents is do not to let your children wear shoes are too tight, or get malformation.
3. Material breathe freely
Material that can breathe freely not only is comfortable but also it’s not easy to get ringworm, especially for the sole of feet. Some shoes with bad free-breath may be very firm while it seemed to make sauna for feet.
Cloth shoes with the best free-breath while not proper for formal occasion and can not be firm as leather shoes. A good pair of shoes is far more important than a good horse for a knight. For person who stands for 9 hours a day, feet is the most hard, to be equipped with a comfortable shoes is a great ideal.
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