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When we face a variety of shoes

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QIFENG SHOES MACHINE-Footwear is necessity in our daily life, besides, it’s also an important aspect of menswear fashion. A stylish man is defined by the design and colour of his shoes.
Different shoes are designed for various occasions but knowing the appropriate shoes sends a signal of how trendy you are.
Athletic shoes
These can be broken up into many categories: runners, walkers, cross-trainers, hikers, and tennis shoes. According to, each shoe is designed for the activity in its name and you should be careful to primarily use it for that purpose.
Boat shoes
First, don’t just wear them with anything; wear them with garments that complement their “boating” nature.
Dress boots
Make sure your dress boots are worn like dress shoes that are hiding the high ankle. Also, don’t go for boots that have crazy designs on the ankle. Take them just like you would your dress shoes.
Driving moccasins
Driving shoes were made for driving! It’s a crazy concept, but it’s true. Wear them like any other casual shoe and enjoy getting noticed. If you drive in them a lot, make sure you apply good judgment.
Wear them with your suits and business attire, but also choose the right colour to go with the clothes you will change into for dinner. Black goes with everything except brown. Brown goes with everything except black, and burgundy goes with everything (including black.)
Patent leathers
Since its discovery in 1818, it has maintained its status as one of the classiest shoes on and off of the formal floor. Making sure you wear your patent leathers outside the formal affair with confidence is key to the success of your shoe wardrobe. Caring for your patent leathers is simple. Stay away from heavy lifting to avoid creases. Also, make sure you only use the blackest of black shoe polishes and your best polishing cloth.
Penny loafers
Wear them with the same things you might pair dress shoes with: suits, khakis, denim. Do not wear them without socks or with shorts. Don’t forget that if you go for more casual colours the rules still apply.
 Make sure you keep your sandals properly matched with your outfit. Sandals do not stand up well to the elements and should be wiped down with a cloth each time you wear them.
Wingtips are much more than office attire. The broguing (the holes in your wingtip) can be found on all kinds of shoes. Make sure the shoe’s profile is wide enough and long enough for your foot. Also, choose broguing that matches your wardrobe, your personality, and your style.
Work boots
Work boots are the most durable of the shoe industry. Make sure you care for your boots just like any other shoe by brushing suedes, polishing top calf leathers, and treating oil-tanned leathers.
--From Qifeng Shoes Machine.

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