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Qifeng will join Wenzhou Int'l Leather Fair will be held on 29-31 August, 2013

View:0 Date:2013-8-28
2013 China (Wenzhou) Int’l Leather Fair will be held on 29-31 August, 2013 again at Wenzhou Int’l Convention & Exhibition Center. QIfeng Shoes Machine will bring the latest shoe machine (toe lasting machine, heel lasting machine, heel and side lasting machine sole attaching machine etc), design system, etc. Meanwhile, Wenzhou Synthetic Leather Chamber of Commerce, Wenzhou Shoemaking Machinery Chamber of Commerce, Dongguan Shoemaking Machinery Chamber of Commerce and Taiwan Footwear Manufactures Association will participate in the exhibition in group.

China(Wenzhou) Int’l Leather Fair has been running for 17 years. In its 2012 edition, approximately 14,095 professionals and buyers have visited the booths of 632 exhibitors. The visitors mainly came from China Hong Kong, China Taiwan, India, Srilanka, Indonesia, Korea, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Britain, France, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, etc. while the exhibitors are from Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Turkey and German. Welcome to Wenzhou to enjoy great trade opportunities. Every year, there are tens of thousands of people coming to Wenzhou, sourcing for leather, synthetic leather, other shoe materials, shoe machines, etc. Wenzhou is one of the four footwear manufacturing base in China.

There are matured industry chains as well as successful footwear brands. On the one hand, it is good choice to sourcing from Wenzhou due to the competitive price. On the other hand, the increasing demand on high quality leather and other manufacturing technology by local footwear tycoon means great opportunity for foreign companies to explore market here.- QIFENG SHOE MACHINE

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