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Brand QIFENG and marketing strategy

View:0 Date:2012-3-9

Qifeng shoes machine-shoe news: Famouse brand usually attracts people's eyes, from Prada, LV to the famouse brand food like KFC, well, as the brand awareness come into people's life, enterprises with brand have to meet customers demands in its product quality, service and other aspects to keep it outstanding among market. As a professional shoe making machine manufacturer in China. Qifeng Shoes Machine specialize in Toe lasting machine, heel seat lasting machine, sole attaching machine in Guangdong, China since 1993. Of course, for shoemaking enterprises, brand as enterprises' life, it's the permit of sales market, without a good credit or brand, it won't stand well in the shoemaking market.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a "name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.

During recent years, as inflation of prices, and anti-dumping of EU to the Chinese shoemaking industry, brand awareness in China become stronger. In order to get good credit in shoemaking market and abtain high economy efficiency, shoes enterprises in China hold high the flag for brand creation. The regulation Survival of the fittest effects the global shoe enterprises. Case with successful brand efficiency is numerous, like Nike, Anta, Adidas, woman brand like Bally, Daphne. Thoese famouse brand inspire shoe enterprises in China to run in brand.

While it's not easy to build its own brand, under current economic environment, shoemaking market competition is not the traditional price battle, it's necessary to eliminate through competition, brand is the key. About 80% buyers and consumers have transformed their consume model from quality with reasonable price to brand and credit, so without brand, enterprise can only get the small part from industry market.

Concept of international brand is different from Chinese brand thoroughly. In other words, your products are sold faster, more, longer and more expensive, while there are still so many people to follow, that's the brand. Compared with international brand, Chinese shoemaking enterprises adopts the price battle to attract consumers by low price instead of brand in the internal market, it's out of time.

A ordinary T-shirt with mark of NIKE, price increased more than 20 times, that's the value from brand. Building the brand become the top of price chain.

As a result, to build or creat a shoemaking brand with value of market influence, cultural construction is the essential, now there are factors to restrict the brand development, generally include the following aspects:

l         shoemaking enterprises in China still adopt the low-cost production, lack of independent innovation, mostly imitate foreign brand and not sense the importance of brand.

l         shoemaking enterprises is ambiguous on the needs of consumers, nor their consumers' psychology, and don't know about the markt, they are also not clear about the product brand positioning.

l         brand promotion is imperfect, if need build a brand, promotion strategy should be done well.

l         lacks of brand running experience. In buiding brand, how to make brand outstand become the pay to the respondents of contemporaty shoemaking enterprises.

All the above factors restrict the brand development, we don't deny that under this fierce competition market, shoemaking brand is the key. Improving brand value is the undisputable fact. So, developing trend has evovled into producing in China, manufacture in China to brand in China.

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